Blood Gambit

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He never wanted to be a vampire. She doesn't even know they exist.

Prinz Sloane is one of the most powerful members of the secret vampire court of Basaravia. He could be king, but he prefers to keep his distance. He doesn't have servants, preferring to get his sustenance from willing one-time donors. His loneliness is lessened only by his regular chess games with his favorite human at the consulate. When she blunders into a political trap, he'll do whatever is necessary to protect her. Even if it means breaking his own rules about getting involved.

Calan finally landed her dream job as a diplomatic assistant to the Basaravian consulate. Sure, hardly anyone has even heard of Basaravia and her boss Nicholas is kind of a jerk. But there are perks, like playing chess with the handsome and mysterious Prinz Sloane. When she tries to intervene to save her friend from an unfair punishment by the queen, her world turns upside down. Everything she thought she knew about Basaravia is wrong.

Calan and Sloane are bound together while Calan serves out her friend's sentence. Behind Sloane's reluctance and Calan's disbelief lies a powerful attraction. But their love is as dangerous as it is beguiling. Can they save each other from the machinations of the vampire court, or will they lose everything when tempers and politics spin out of control?

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