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The United Planetary Authority is at war.

Commodore Elena Gault, Bug scientist, is overworked and underappreciated. In the UPA, hot shot pilots and daring captains are the super stars.

Free merchants are caught between the UPA and the Bugs.

Theron Coligny, a Lemurian privateer, will do anything to keep his people together and safe afterthe loss of their homeworld. When he realizes that there might still be survivors on Lemuria, he knows exactly who to turn to for help getting through the hot zone of Bug-infested space.

One accidental kidnapping later, the UPAnavy is hot on their tail. But maybe Elena doesn't want to be rescued.
Together, Theron and Elena will save their homeworld, or die trying.

A cozy SF adventure with neurodivergent characters, kittens, and a touch of romance.

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