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Eccentric captain. Novice crew. A prototype ship locked and loaded for the most dangerous missions in the galaxy!

Special Ops Captain Renaud is sure Upper Command has gone crazy. He doesn't need or want a new crew. Especially not one specifically assembled as a showboat to impress the government of a non-aligned world. The war is going badly, and the United Planetary Authority needs all the help they can get.. Sure, these kids look terrific on paper and smashed it in training, but how good will they be in the field when faced with biomechanical space bugs bent on destroying humanity?

Renaud has secrets to guard. Dangerous secrets. His personal mantra is "don't get attached". But he's not the only one onboard who's wary. His new crack crew members have secrets too. If they're going to survive and make a good team, they're going to have to trust each other. Can he risk everything for his newfound family of battle buddies, or will the ever-growing web of bugs, lies, and politics devour them all?

Read Novaflight and join the crew of the Destrier as they try to save the universe, one suicide mission at a time.

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