Ran Shaipur

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Sometimes it takes a Bad Boy to save the world.

Several hundred years after humankind's settlement of the colony worlds, isolated D'Abraxas has gone its own way. After the collapse of its electoral government, D'Abraxas is ruled by nine warlords. With the help of friends in high places, Ran has seized control of the largest territory and plans to unify D'Abraxas once again. But not everyone approves of his methods. Plots and counter-plots flourish, especially among his accidentally acquired nine wives.

Even so, Ran's plans seem to be on track-- until the General Union Space Corp comes calling. They claim they want to help reintegrate D'Abraxas into galactic society-- for a price. One thing is certain: D'abraxas's in-atmosphere fighter planes no match for the General Union's massive starship. Can Ran keep his world safe? Or will the General Union seize control of D'abraxas for its own ends?

Do you enjoy fast-paced SFF action coupled with political intrigue and a dash of romance? Read Ran Shaipur and join the adventure now!

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