Many unusual things can happen in the tiny kingdom of Valeria. Located at the nexus of several ley lines, the magic there is strong– and strange. The king has died– long live the king.

Darian, nephew of the old king, must come to Valeria and navigate politics, magic, and the desires of his heart to make his kingdom thrive.

Tilly, tavern maid at the Suncross inn, has big dreams. None of them include participating in ancient kingship rituals or finding herself suddenly mired deep in religious and magical politics that could determine the fate of her country.

Jasper, hedge mage cum court wizard, has unleashed forces that he can’t control. He’s always known that he wasn’t the true wizard of the stones, but he never suspected that the orphan teen stable boy was the true heir to power.

Erin just wants to be a midwife, and perhaps convert people to the true religion– Solaria, not the Greenways!

Trevor will do all he can to help Jasper fulfill his responsibilities to this weird little kingdom, but he really wishes they could just go home. But home may be closer than he thinks.

Read Valeria to learn of their adventures, and meet the other residents of Valeria as well. Watch out for vampire squirrels! They’re a total menace!!

some spooky standing stones
Watch out for the stones. They pack a whallop!